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Annual membership fee (Membership deadline is from January 1st to December 31st every year.)

Individual membership $20.00 (Breakdown: NJCA $5.00 + CJCA $15.00)

Family membership $40.00 (Breakdown: NJCA $10.00 + CJCA $30.00)


Regarding membership fee payment
It is not possible to join only NJCA without joining CJCA.
If you are registered as an individual member with CJCA, you can only join NJCA as an individual.
If you paid your membership fee directly to CJCA, please be sure to enter your CJCA membership card number. You will not be recognized as an NJCA member until your CJCA membership number is verified.
For individual members, only the individual is a member, and their family members (spouse, children, etc.) are treated as non-members when participating in events, etc.
Family members include you, your spouse, and any children under 17 years of age.

Application form: Please print out the form, fill out the necessary information, enclose a check, and apply by mail or hand-delivering it to the officer.

Check address and mailing address:
New Japanese Canadian Association
2236 - 29th Street S.W., Calgary, Alberta T3E 2K2

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