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About us

Characteristics of our organization

The New Japanese Canadian Association is made up of Japanese people living outside Japan and members who are interested in Japan and Japanese culture, and is working to pass on Japanese culture.
Seasonal events are nostalgic, traditional Japanese events, and are designed to connect Japanese people, people of Japanese descent, or people with an interest in Japan living in and around Calgary.

On-going Activities

Based at the Nikkei Cultural Centre, we have a library and hold classes.



The Japanese American Center has a library where you can borrow Japanese books, videos, etc. We regularly purchase new books and aim to be a library that meets the needs of our members.

Library hall days:

First Saturday 10am to 12pm

Third Saturday 10am to 12pm

Rental: One person (or family) up to 5 books and 5 videos
Rental period: 4 weeks
Rental fee: Free for members. $1.00/book for non-members


Computer Class

1st and 3rd Saturday
Time: 10am to 12pm
Capacity: 4 people
Tuition fee: Please make a donation of $2.00 or more.
*Topics are decided based on student requests.
*Beginners with no experience are also welcome. There are no prerequisites for participation. Beginners are welcome. If you have questions like below, join us!
*What is email? /Why do you use a mouse? *I want to start using the Internet! *I would like to know how to use an iPad. *I have never touched a computer! 
Space is limited, so please be sure to make a reservation. 


Choir Club

NJCA Choir Group (Poco-a-Poco)

**​Currently on break**

Practice day:

First Saturday 1:00pm to 3:00pm

Third Sunday 10am to 12pm
Venue: Nikkei Cultural Centre
Contact: Manager - Taeko Nagao
Manager - Mai Mulhern
Participation requirements: ``Poco a Poco''------ Junior high school students and above, male and female, no experience required.
☆We are also looking for people who can teach choruses and arrange songs.
*Practice dates and locations are subject to change, so please check before participating.


Apply for membership

The New Japanese Canadian Association is a member of the CJCA. In addition to the CJCA membership fee, membership will be charged as follows, so please apply. Some events sponsored by NJCA require NJCA membership registration.

The NJCA constitution is below.

Annual membership fee (Membership deadline is from January 1st to December 31st every year.)
Individual membership $20.00 (Breakdown: NJCA $5.00 + CJCA $15.00)
Family membership $40.00 (Breakdown: NJCA $10.00 + CJCA $30.00)

Regarding membership fee payment
It is not possible to join only NJCA without joining CJCA.
If you are registered as an individual member with CJCA, you can only join NJCA as an individual.
If you paid your membership fee directly to CJCA, please be sure to enter your CJCA membership card number. You will not be recognized as an NJCA member until your CJCA membership number is verified.
For individual members, only the individual is a member, and their family members (spouse, children, etc.) are treated as non-members when participating in events, etc.
Family members include you, your spouse, and any children under 17 years of age.

Application form: Please print out the form, fill out the required information, enclose a check, and apply by mail or hand-delivering it to the officer.

Check address and mailing address:
New Japanese Canadian Association
2236 - 29th Street S.W. 
Calgary, Alberta T3E 2K2


To learn more about activities of NJCA, please contact us from the form below.

2236 29 St SW
Calgary, T3E 2K2

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