To our valued members,

Due to the situation regarding COVID-19, NJCA related events are changed as follows.

Any other changes will be notified immediately. We truly appreciate your understanding.

Everyone please stay safe!



Our Mission

New Japanese Canadian Association is comprised of members who are Japanese living abroad and those who are interested in Japanese culture to carry on the Japanese culture and tradition.

Our seasonal events are those of Japanese tradition or planned to connect Japanese-Canadians and first generation Japanese living in Calgary and nearby area.



Due to COVID-19 outbreak, CJCA is temporary closed. Therefore all of our regular events are cancelled.

We hold events at Calgary Japanese Community Association, and we manage the library as well as hold regular classes.



There is a library at CJCA, and we have Japanese books and videos available for rental.

We constantly purchase new books to suit the needs of the members.

Library Hours of Operation:

First Saturday: 1pm to 3pm

Third Sunday: 10am to 12pm

Rental: 5 books or 5 videos maximum per person (or family)

Term: 4 weeks

Price: Free for members. $1 per book for non-members.



Held on first Saturday and third Sunday.

Time: 1pm to 4pm

Participant: 4 people maximum

Price: Please donate more than $2

We choose what we teach based on the request from the participants on the day. 

We welcome people with no experience in using computer. We are especially looking for those who need help in areas below:

What is E-mail? / How do I use mouse?

I want to start using the internet!

How do I use iPad?

I've never touched a computer!

The space is limited. Please reserve your seat as soon as possible.



NJCA Choir Club (Poco a Poco)

First Saturday: 1pm to 3pm

Third Sunday: 10am to 12pm

Location: CJCA

Contact: President - Taeko Nagao 251-1762 ntaeko@telus.net

Manager - Mai Mulhern 403-651-8083 mai.nagao@gmail.com

Requirement: 7th grade and above. All genders are welcome.

We are also looking for people who can instruct choir or can arrange a sheet music.

Practice days and location are subject to change. Please contact ahead to confirm.


NJCA is an affiliate of CJCA. To join us, NJCA membership fee is required on top of CJCA membership fee. For some NJCA-hosted events, you may need the member registration for NJCA to join.


Membership Fee (member term is from Jan. 1st to Dec. 31 annually)

Individual: $20 (NJCA $5 + CJCA $15)

Family: $40 (NJCA $5 + CJCA $30)

Regarding the Fee

You may not join NJCA without joining CJCA.

If you joined CJCA as an individual, you are allowed to join NJCA as an individual.

If you directly paid CJCA, please write down the CJCA membership number. Until we can confirm the number, we cannot accept the application.

For an individual applicant, his/her family are considered non-member at events.

Family membership includes yourself, your spouse, and children below 17.

Please be sure to read our NJCA rules.

Application form: Print out this form, fill it out, and send with cheque included or hand it out to one of our committee members.

Mailing Address:

New Japanese Canadian Association

2236-29th Street S.W.

Calgary, Alberta T3E 2K2

NJCA Rules


To learn more about activities of NJCA, please contact us from the form below.

2236 29 St SW
Calgary, T3E 2K2

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